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Disaster Planning and Preparation before disaster strikes.

Coastal Builders Services offer building owners, property managers, and HOA’s an opportunity to plan and prepare prior to impending disaster. Using our readiness experience can limit damages and gives our clients a priority status guaranteeing that we’ll arrive absolutely as soon as possible, often times within hours of an emergency to initiate the first steps toward reconstruction. 

Once on-site, our immediate action to protect property from the elements, prevents further damage. Our rapid response saves time and money, however the peace of mind it delivers is enormous.  When damage does occur, Coastal Builders is experienced working with insurance companies in crisis or disaster situations.  We will meet with you and your insurance adjuster on-site to assist you in settling your claim.  Typically, Coastal is compensated through the amount settled with the insurance company, so you incur no out-of-pocket expenses other than your deductible. Once the loss is settled Coastal will begin building your property back.

disaster recovery